LNS Spectra


LED fixture for marine and planted aquariums

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" Introducing our SPECTRA series of LED fixtures, meticulously developed through extensive research and development on light spectrum. This ensures vibrant coloration and healthy growth for both plants and corals. Yes, we've expanded our range to include LED fixtures tailored specifically for marine enthusiasts.

Constructed with a sturdy CNC-designed metal structure, our fixtures feature seamless welding and dual-layer powder coating. Not only do they provide optimal lighting for your plants and corals, but they also enhance the aesthetics of your tanks. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with our SPECTRA series. "

CNC designed with dual layer powder coating

CNC cut design ensures precision and intricacy in every detail, while dual-layer powder coating adds durability and a refined finish. This combination not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also guarantees a sophisticated and long-lasting appearance, making it ideal for creating elegant and timeless.

Active cooling with DC fan

Active cooling with strategically placed fans efficiently dissipates heat generated by LEDs, ensuring prolonged operational lifespan. By effectively regulating temperature, this system optimizes performance and maintains consistent illumination over time. It enhances durability, enabling LEDs to run for extended periods while preserving their efficiency and longevity.

Dual channel dimmer

Equipped with dual-channel dimming control, this feature allows precise adjustment of both spectrum and light intensity according to specific requirements. Users can fine-tune the lighting conditions to achieve optimal growth or ambiance, offering flexibility and customization.

Separate channels

Incorporating separate power switches and sockets enables independent control of channels, facilitating usage with external timer switches. This functionality allows users to manage each channel individually, enhancing flexibility in scheduling and optimizing energy efficiency. It simplifies automation processes, offering convenient customization and precise management of lighting.

PMMA optics

Utilizing PMMA optics minimizes light leakage while enhancing focus for deeper light penetration. These optics ensure efficient light distribution, making the fixtures suitable for tanks up to 2.5 feet and beyond. With optimized light output, they provide versatility and compatibility for a wide range of aquatic environments, promoting healthier and vibrant ecosystems.

Splash guard

Incorporating a glass splash guard shields the LED fixture from inadvertent splashes, safeguarding its functionality and longevity. This protective feature ensures uninterrupted operation by minimizing the risk of water damage or short circuits caused by accidental exposure to moisture, enhancing the reliability and durability of the lighting system.

Quality leds

Utilizing premium LEDs sourced from reputable brands such as Bridgelux and Edison ensures exceptional performance and longevity. These high-quality components offer superior brightness, color accuracy, and reliability, meeting stringent standards for illumination. With trusted brand names, users can expect optimal efficiency and durability in their light fixtures.

Made in India

LNS Spectra proudly represents Indian design and craftsmanship, meticulously developed after extensive research on freshwater, planted, and saltwater aquariums. Combining local expertise with global insights, our products offer tailored solutions for diverse aquatic environments. We prioritize innovation and quality to deliver superior lighting solutions for aquarium enthusiasts worldwide

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