LNS Raven


White LED light fixture

" LNS Raven-The light for planted aquarium is made for hobbyists, perfect for planted aquarium with medium to high light plants, available for 12" to 48" long tanks. Light is the main driving force for the plants and hence the fixture has been designed to provide and support healthy growth and color of plants. Simple and easy-to-use design for starters and professionals alike. Just 'plug n play' and let your plants pearl. "

Discover LNS Raven

Small Footprint

The LNS Raven fixtures are modern and lightweight, with a thin profile of less than 0.5". The "comb" design distributes heat efficiently, extending LEDs lifespan beyond 50,000 hours. Perfect for planted aquariums, the fixtures are easy to install and use. Enjoy healthy plant growth and vibrant colors in your aquarium for years to come with LNS Raven.

Versatile Design

The sliding shutter design of the fixture allows it to fit various tank sizes, making it a versatile option for hobbyists who may want to upgrade their tank in the future. This feature offers convenience and flexibility to the user, ensuring that they can continue to use the fixture even if they switch to a different tank size.

Flexible design

In addition to its versatility with tank sizes, the fixture can also be used on shallow tanks that typically require high-rise lights. By adjusting the configuration of the support rods provided with the lights, the same fixture can be used effectively on shallow tanks. This feature offers added flexibility to the user and allows for a wider range of applications, including use on paludariums.

Easy to assemble

The assembly kit for the fixture includes four support rods, two glass clamps/stands, and two screws. The setup process is straightforward and requires no additional tools such as a screwdriver. With simple steps, the fixture can be assembled in seconds. Once assembled, it can be placed directly onto the tank and connected to the power supply, making it easy to use and hassle-free for the user.

Splash guard

To prevent accidental water splashes while performing tank maintenance, the fixture is equipped with an acrylic splash guard. This protective barrier ensures the safety of the electronics and circuits within the fixture.

High luminous output

Our fixtures stand out from the competition in terms of light output and power efficiency, featuring high luminous flux LEDs that deliver up to 150-160 lumens per watt. To ensure consistent performance, we use constant power drivers that enhance the reliability and longevity of the fixtures. As a testament to our commitment to quality, we offer a one-year warranty with every fixture.

Made in India

The LNS Raven stands as a proud symbol of our relentless dedication and meticulous craftsmanship, conceived and meticulously engineered right here in India. With each detail carefully considered, we are confident that the LNS Raven will not only meet but exceed your expectations, elevating your aquarium journey to new heights and bringing a touch of excellence to every aspect of your aquatic experience.


Voltage: 220-250V(for power supply only)

Wattage: 12W-85W

Size: 12"- 48"

Light spectrum: 400-700nm(wavelength range)

Color Temp: 7000K-8000K(Cool-white spectrum)