LNS Piccolo


LED fixture for nano aquariums

Discover LNS Piccolo

" We are excited to introduce our latest addition to our family of aquarium lighting - the LNS Piccolo! This compact and stylish light is specifically designed for nano planted aquariums, paludariums, and other small tanks. The light features high-intensity and high CRI LEDs from Edison and Bridgelux, providing a bright and natural-looking light for your aquarium. With a luminous flux of 150 lumens per watt, the LEDs are highly efficient, minimizing heat output while ensuring longevity and reliability thanks to the constant current drivers. The LNS Piccolo is proudly designed and manufactured in India and comes with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind. Elevate your aquarium lighting game with the LNS Piccolo today! "

Sleek & stylish design

At LNS, we understand that every aquarium enthusiast desires a tank that looks both visually appealing and functional. That's why we designed the LNS Piccolo to have a sleek and modern look that perfectly complements the aesthetics of any nano planted aquarium, paludarium, or small tank. We have spent countless hours perfecting the compact form factor of the LNS Piccolo, ensuring that it is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.It also features splash guard that protects LEDs from accidental water splashes.

SMT Process using quality LEDs

The LEDs PCB of the LNS Piccolo undergoes precision manufacturing using CNC and SMT processes, with Industry leading premium LED brands such as Edison and Bridgelux being used. These LEDs are highly efficient, providing a high luminous flux of 150-160 lumens per watt. To ensure longevity, the LNS Piccolo also features a constant power driver that not only produces less heat but also maximizes lighting output. As a result, you can be confident that the LNS Piccolo will not only provide excellent lighting but also last for a long time.

Plug n play design

The LNS Piccolo is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple yet effective design that allows for easy installation and operation. The light comes equipped with a clamp that can fit tanks with a glass thickness of up to 8mm, making it suitable for a wide range of aquariums. Additionally, the compact wall mount driver means that the LNS Piccolo can be installed and operated without any hassle. The plug-and-play functionality of the light makes it ideal for those who are new to aquarium hobby or those who prefer a more straightforward approach.

Color & wattage options

The LNS Piccolo comes in two stylish color options: Black and White. Choose the color that best complements your aquarium's aesthetics and overall look. Additionally, the Piccolo light is available in two wattage options: 7W and 10W. Whether you have a small or slightly larger aquarium, you can choose the wattage that fits your needs and provides the perfect amount of lighting for your plants and aquatic life. So, whether you're looking for a sleek black or elegant white light, or a lower or higher wattage option, the Piccolo light has you covered.

Made in India

The LNS Piccolo is a testament to our hard work and dedication over the past two years, and we are proud to have designed and manufactured it in India. As a symbol of our confidence in this product, we offer a 1-year warranty to our customers, providing them with peace of mind knowing that they are investing in a high-quality and reliable lighting solution for their aquarium. We believe that the LNS Piccolo will exceed your expectations and enhance your aquarium experience.


We understand that ease of use is essential when it comes to aquarium lighting, and that's why we offer an optional inline switch module for the LNS Piccolo. This convenient feature can be easily inserted between the LED driver and the light, providing you with accessibility and effortless control.The inline switch module offers a simple and efficient solution. With the LNS Piccolo, we strive to provide a hassle-free and enjoyable aquarium experience for all our customers.


Voltage: 220-250V(for driver only)

Wattage: 7W & 10W

Luminous Flux:1120 lm max for 7W, 1600 lm max for 10W

Size: 22 cm x 7 cm x 12.5 cm approx.